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Vero Black Doppelwaschtisch

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Black-and-white contrasts in great demand

A brief colour history of the bathroom
Sorrento Blue, Curry, Moss Green, Carneol, Garnet, Brown, Lilac, Key West, Greenwich... in the 1970s and 1980s, bathroom manufacturer Duravit dipped its brush deep into the paint cans and not only wrote colour history but also offered something to meet the tastes of many bathroom owners. In the subsequent years, the courage to embrace colour took a turn: for more than one decade, white has been the uncontested favourite for sanitary ceramics. White = cool and sterile? Not necessarily. In today's cosy feel-good bathrooms, furniture in a wide variety of finishes pairs flawlessly with ambiance lighting to create harmonious ensembles and high-contrast highlights.

Gloss, glamour and strong colours
As in the living and kitchen area, high-gloss is experiencing a renaissance in the bathroom. Sophisticated painted fronts harmonize to perfection with glossy ceramic surfaces to give bathroom furniture a unique, high-quality look. Various bathroom furniture ranges from Duravit shine out in high-gloss white; the X-Large range has been extended to include the "Cappuccino" finish; the new PuraVida bathroom range also offers impressive bright colours like deep red and sophisticated black. Duravit's best-selling piece of furniture, the barrel-shaped vanity unit from the Philippe Starck range, is now available in both pure white and black high-gloss finishes.

Black goes into series production
Accordingly, Duravit now offers a new look for the washbasin, WC and bidet: the bathroom classic Vero in sophisticated, high gloss black. With Vero black, the scope for creative and independent designs is increased.

Black stands for exclusivity and elegance. It is also a statement of courage, decisiveness and unique style. In bathroom design, black allows attractive contrasts. Straight-lined and timeless, as an archetype of purist form, Vero is ideal for black-and-white colour schemes. With its unforgettable design and classically-angular basic form, Vero combines purism with a touch of nostalgia and therefore looks completely at home in bathrooms of all styles.

The tradition of black and white
It's an unwritten law that fashion trends eventually repeat themselves. The same is true of black in the bathroom. In the early 1980s, Duravit launched two complete bathroom ranges in black. And, after this, black-and-white interplays of colour continued to make an appearance: for many years, the Bagnella pedestal basin - white on a black pedestal - was a true classic. The Lavillette and Giamo dazzled with their white washbasins and black pedestals. During ISH 1995, the world's largest sanitaryware trade fair, Duravit continued the black-and-white tradition with a daring interpretation: the legendary Giamo-Moooh! pedestal featuring a distinctive cow pattern paired cleverly with a white washbasin.

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