Architectural concept

The renowned Milan designers, Patricia Urquiola and Martino Berghinz will be responsible for the architectural staging of The Design Annual 2007, whose theme is 'private identity'. As its starting point the architectural concept takes currently recognizable strategies in production and design processes and presents them in the form of special exhibitions. Similar to the idea of "concept stores", in which specific goods are orchestrated around a basic idea, thereby creating an extremely clear-cut identity, each of the special exhibitions highlights an individual creative stance in design. The architectural concept of 'private identity' will present nine different procedural methods in a joint context and demonstrate how the design of references that impart meaning functions today in the high-end design segment.

The theoretical approach to 'private identity' should also be reflected on the part of exhibitors: On the back of their corporate philosophy and the methodology behind their product design process the manufacturers are assigned to and grouped around a specific special exhibition. Such a location gives companies new opportunities for presentation, allowing the special exhibitions to become the key to the architecture.

For the purpose of segregating and segmenting the various exhibition areas, architectural elements form a system in which intersecting axes take up the basic graphic pattern of The Design Annual 2007: Tartan as the symbol of the design community, as a combining element in terms of content and form.

The Design Annual - inside: private identity creates a direct link between manufacturers, special exhibitions and themes which will lead to fruitful interaction in all aspects of the event. This in particular is where the exciting and highly versatile potential of The Design Annual 2007 lies.