François Azambourg

In a similar manner the work of designer François Azambourg relies on the specific alienation of materials or design processes that were unusual in design thus far. In order to keep the weight of his Very Nice Chair as low as possible he was guided by model planes: The surfaces are made of polyester foil that contracts when warmed, and is used to cover a support structure of thin balsa. His Pack Chair comes as a handy folded-down package of fabric. It features two different polyurethane components in separate chambers. Twisting a metal pin serves to perforate the layer between the two chambers causing the components to react with one another and enlarge their volume ten-fold. After just two minutes the material hardens and brings the chair irreversibly into its usable form. For his fruit bowl Azambourg had a honeycomb produced by real bees and subsequently cast it in silver. Azambourg considers no material too alien to alienate the familiar world of design.