Stefan Diez

Instead of exploring individual product designs, Stefan Diez prefers to pursue the fundamental questions of design: He is interested in material experiments and form-generating processes which lead to the development of whole series of a product. Diez' workshop is above all his head, the place where he saves the things he makes reference to, successful products or stimulating everyday things. Yet what are the things that he calls upon, that influence the developmental process of his products and how much personal identity does he bestow upon his objects?

In his special exhibition, Stefan Diez takes these questions as his starting point - and turns them upside down. He does not present all the miniature steps that add up to a design that leads to the finished product following a logical process of development. Diez takes as his theme this phase of the design process much more by questioning its explicability. The creative process of an object does not follow a strict system consisting of inspiration, models and the final product, thus neither can we make this process easier to understand by breaking it up into various stages. Even if we assume that an object is generally inspired by something, this is not the sole key to the object's essence, neither in the design process nor the process of interpretation of the object. The fundamental idea that that which determines an object mostly comes suddenly can be expressed in one step. Any possible inspiration for it often only becomes apparent afterwards. Diez confronts the finished product with things whose qualities or character were perhaps the trigger or reference point for the idea. These diversions, associations and mental conclusions, starting from the finished object, are most easily able to grasp an original idea. Thus Stefan Diez contrasts products with products. The space in between remains open and bears witness to the fact that designing is a deeply personal and often inexplicable matter.