Special exhibitions

We know their products too well; they inspire us in their formal language and material qualities. But how much do we actually know about the designer behind the products, their design stance and ideas? Which interdisciplinary processes do they fall back on in designing their objects? At The Design Annual 2007 seven special exhibitions address, in completely different ways, the question of how references that impart meaning are constructed in high-end design today and how do objects gain an identity through interaction with their context. The installations will reflect selected design strategies and manufacturing methods thereby offering a representative overview of current-day working methods and modes of operation in design. Among the participants are Stefan Diez, Giulio Ridolfo, Materialworks and SZ-Magazin.

Under the heading of "Appropriate Design!" Ilka and Andreas Ruby (Textbild, Berlin) will curate three special shows that explore how designers and architects today develop the identity of their own objects by appropriating techniques, materials and cultural codes from other domains. Those involved include architect Dominique Perrault, designer François Azambourg, and graphics studio 2x4.

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