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Parcs - Wing Series

Design: Luke Pearson, Tom Lloyd


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Parcs - Wing Series

01 product description

Product description

A Walk in the PARCS.

Working together with Bene, the London design studio PearsonLloyd has developed a completely new, unconventional furniture collection - a new concept of office life. PARCS is a room-shaping furniture set that can be assembled in many different combinations, creating an inspiring working environment for meetings, spontaneous exchange, waiting and relaxing.

PARCS offers exhilarating enhancements to typical office layouts. The office is defined as an open urban landscape. With PARCS, new and visually stimulating accents can be given to the typically underutilised middle zones and transition areas between office spaces with clear functional roles. Similar to squares and parks in cities, these "in between" zones are available for communal utilisation.

The friendly shapes of the PARCS furniture collection and their colours - sometimes minimalist, sometimes trendy - convey a feeling of lightness. The style, according to the London designers, "has been consciously kept calm, peaceful and neutral. At the same time, it is decidedly modern".

Easy chairs and small stools, upholstered benches and partitions, wall elements, tables and shelves are the basic components of the PARCS set. These elements are called Toguna, Causeways, Wing Chair, Wing Sofa and Idea Wall, and can be integrated into multi-functional, space-shaping working landscapes. And they enable communication and concentration in an inspiring atmosphere.

Wing Chair and Wing Sofa. Comfortable and flexible, for business talks and recreation. The Wing Chair and Wing Sofa evoke memories of the traditional wingback chair. Lateral headrests provide shielding and enable concentrated discussions and focussed work. Or recreation.
Wing Chairs provide comfortable seating for a single person. They can be rotated: So you can turn towards others or away from them if you don't want to be disturbed.

Wing Sofas offer seating for two to three people. When combined with connective elements, such as tables, they can be transformed into larger spatial units. In the "American Diner", two Wing Sofas are sociably positioned opposite from one another - ready for a meeting or for working together.

There is an exciting contrast between the orthogonal Causeways and the organic shapes of the Wing series and the Toguna. The curved forms encourage movement and break with rigid structures.