RG All-Glas-Wall

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RG All-Glas-Wall

01 product description

Product description

The new transparent office is a field of energy, a community space, an adventure workplace and a variable stage.
From the exterior, in client interaction, spatial transparency symbolises openness, dynamism and an enlightened attitude.
Internally, when the office is experienced as a positive field of energy, the satisfaction with work and productivity rise proportionally thereby decreasing the amount of sick leave being taken.
Companies report time savings of 20 to 30 per cent and speak enthusiastically about motivated, communicative crews who archieve a considerable increase in output.

Generous corridor wall glazing with minimal structural elements.
A highly reduced and slim, elegant design for sliding doors and all-glass doors.
Pure transparency rather than flexibility.

02 technical data

technical description  
technical description
Due to their limited tolerance when being installed, the all-glass elements require exact natural measurements on site. The overall height of the floor and ceiling installation profile amounts to only 25 mm.
The glass is between 12 and 16 mm thick, ensuring a statically solid frameless construction with refined glass joint details, as well as frameless connections to dry building elements.
The RG all-glass wall constitutes a mediator between rigid architectural framework conditions and flexible interior construction systems. Its use requires precise adaptation to the on-site conditions, in order to achieve the desired effect of maximum transparency.

Type 1: RG Floor-to-ceiling sliding door

Floor-to-ceiling sliding door solution for room heights up to 290 cm. Lacking any visible connection, the sliding door leaf fits into the 45 mm high bottom profile of the abutting glass panel.
The door handle is detached from the glass edge and mounted on the leaf.

Type 2: RG Sliding door with top glass panel

Sliding door with top glass panel and continuous handle profile allows solutions for room heights up to 330 cm.
An optional double profile cylinder lock engaging into the upper track can be integrated into the handle profile.

Type 3: RG All-glass door with top glass panel

All-glass door with top glass panel, with continuous linear frame on one side connecting to hinged door leaf and top glass panel.
Glass door height 330 cm max. Locking mechanism integrated into handle set.