Radiofonografo: <br/>Brionvega RR126
Barca a motore:<br/> Riva’s Aquarama
Bisiluro: <br/>Carlo Mollino and the Damolnar
Vettura sportiva: <br/>Lamborghini and the Miura
Berlinetta Aerodinamica Tecnica: <br/>Alfa Romeo’s B.A.T. mobiles
Il motore a dodici cilindri: <br/>Scuderia Ferrari and its 312
 Tutto è progetto!
Making a man into a chair
Right in the heart of strings
9 Questions to Dario Rinero
5 Questions for Roberto Gavazzi

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Matter of honor

by Sandra Gottwald

Matter of honor
Founded in 1954, the Compasso d' Oro is the oldest and most renowned design prize the world over – although it exclusively promoted design Made in Italy.
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There is a design world outside Italy!
Luca Nichetto is one of the few Italian designers in the upcoming generation. Sandra Hofmeister talked to him about the life and death of his furniture, about new perspectives in Scandinavia and about the meaning and meaninglessness of national borders in design.
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Luigi Caccia Dominioni and the house as a bespoke suit

by Matteo Vercelloni

Luigi Caccia Dominioni and the house as a bespoke suit
He has been dubbed the "most elegant man in Milan" by Italian architect Vittorio Gregotti. Born ninety-seven years ago on the 7th of December, the Saint's Day of St. Ambrose, at Piazza Sant'Ambrogio, the Milanese architect Luigi Caccia Dominioni will take anyone with an open mind to task on the subject of architecture, interior decoration and design, which he has always seen as a uniform whole, backing up his arguments with highly contemporary anecdotes and examples.
The ringmaster and his circus
Stilista e carrozziere:<br/> Bertone, Giugiaro,  <br/>Pininfarina und Zagato
La macchina da corsa: <br/>MV Agusta Tre
Distribuzione Desmodromica: <br/>Ducati 750 Supersport Desmo
La motoretta: The Vespa by Piaggio
Macchina da scrivere: <br/>Ettore Sottsass and Olivetti
Macchina per il caffè: <br/>La Cornuta by Giò Ponti for La Pavoni
Spearhead of an avant-garde of comfort
Milan is realigning
Do I wish to sit on a chair that lights up?
Club and More: Agape presents Mangiarotti
5 Questions for Giulio Cappellini
Vitreous spheres of knowledge

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All my sofas are islands

All my sofas are islands
Piero Lissoni’s sofas have an almost legendary reputation. In the design process, he draws inspiration from the Italian lifestyle, and not boring functionalism. Sandra Hofmeister talked to the Italian designer about sofas and royalties, beauty and rituals.

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In the design world we all like each other

In the design world we all like each other
On behalf of Munich's Neue Pinakothek Alessandro Mendini has curated a retrospective of the last 30 years of Italian design. Sandra Hofmeister talked with him about the "Objects with a Soul" and eclecticism in design.