Dornbracht: BigRain Overhead rain-shower spray system
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BigRain Overhead rain-shower spray system

Design: Sieger Design

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BigRain Overhead rain-shower spray system

01 product description

Product description

Pure rain drizzles or showers down from the BIG RAIN onto the person below. Nothing distracts in any way - either architecturally or technically. Set into the ceiling or mounted below the ceiling, this module may be combined with any shower, whether it has a shower tray or a shower screen. There is no need to change anything here; only the way you shower will be a completely new experience. Using the xTOOL control it is possible to select two rain modes, separately or combined: the body spray which surrounds the bather entirely with water; and the head spray with its intensive jet to target head, neck and face. Thanks to their separate control systems BIG RAIN, like RAIN SKY E and RAIN SKY M, are the only rain panels with the option of switching off the head spray to prevent water flowing onto the face if required.

02 dimensions/weight

overall dimension  
480 mm

03 material/colour


stainless steel



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