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01 product description

Product description

Natural rain is the center of the new generation of rain showers. In nature, water falls with the force of gravity, namely without pressure. Removing technology from this process unveils a multitude of new forms and possibilities. Overall there will be four different rain showers, including rectangular versions for the first time. The diameter of round rain showers is being increased (which had been at a uniform 200 mm). These are now available in both 220 mm and 300 mm diameter sizes – you should clarify here whether or not the 200mm is still going to be available or if it will be discontinued. Brand new to the programme is the 300 mm x 240 mm rectangular rain shower. The design of each and every rain shower in this generation has been further pared down. The spray area is now rounded out in line with the shower head, which creates a soothing visual impression while simultaneously making cleaning and maintenance easier. All rain shower models are based on our tried-and-tested anti-lime technology and can be mounted on the wall or overhead, and can also be combined with a free-standing shower system. The new rain shower and the hand shower are available in all the customary Dornbracht finishes; champagne, chrome, gold, platinum, platinum matte, black matte and white matte.

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