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Reflecting ceiling ZIC-ZAC

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Reflecting ceiling ZIC-ZAC

01 product description

Product description

The ZIC-ZAC ceiling system is design-oriented and primarily used to guide and reflect daylight and artificial light.Light is directed in zones onto work surfaces, etc. by means of a Fresnel lens.

ZIC-ZAC is usually combined with flat durlum S4 [hook-on system], S5 [grid system] or S7 [rail channel system] ceiling system metal panels.

As a manufacturer of metal ceilings and lighting systems durlum also offers complete ceiling-lighting combinations.

02 Technical Data

technical description

Material and surface finish:
If the aluminium ZIC-ZAC element is used to guide and reflect light, the following surfaces are recommended:

DUROPLAN A020: High gloss surface with matt appearance, partially non-directional ultra-micro structure, natural colour, polished.
DUROPLAN A120: Surface with atypical structure at right angles to the grain, high even beam widening through indirect reflection, high luminance uniformity.

The white powder-coated, galvanised steel plate D206-700, similar to RAL 9016, is used as standard when deploying ZIC-ZAC elements purely as a design element. Other RAL colours are available on request.

Length: 400-2000 mm
Width: max. 1250 mm