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GC Pro™ Kerteminde Efterskole School

01 product description

Product description

Designed patterned and textured surfaces. Repetitive patterns created by designers.

02 Technical Data

technical description

Graphic Concrete™ can be used with prefabricated concrete products. The technology cannot be used for casting-in-place. Typical uses include façades, partition walls, walls and concrete slabs. The height of the Graphic Concrete™ membrane is 3100 mm and it is delivered to the prefabrication plant in rolls. The pattern is printed on the Graphic Concrete™ membrane in segments. The maximum dimensions for one segment are 3020 x 1250mm (height x width).

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Pictures on Concrete Surfaces

Pictures on Concrete Surfaces

Thanks to the "GraphicConcrete" technology, patterns, images and texts can be durably applied to concrete surfaces.

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