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01 Material Profile

material description

Wood is becoming scarce but the need for strong and lightweight structures is increasing. Honicel honeycomb solves this problem....

Honeycomb core is an ingenious product - manufactured from paper and ... air.

Honeycomb core's basic strength comes from its hexagonal shape. The hexagon is a basic natural shape and it is found everywhere in nature, including in plant, animal and human cells. No other shape provides such optimal cover, such a high load-bearing capacity. No other shape gives such rigidity to a structure for the same weight.

Honicel takes this fundamental concept and applies it to honeycomb core for practical applications. The number of possible uses appears infinite. Honeycomb core is proving its worth all over the world in virtually all sectors where filling material is an essential element of production.

What's more, because honeycomb core is manufactured from recycled paper, it is a responsible, environmentally-friendly filling material.

The Honicel Group produces the paper honeycomb in house to customer specifications, tailored precisely to the customer's application, on machines that were specially developed by the group. The product leaves our factory in unexpanded form, in other words taking up minimum volume, for transport to destinations all over the world.

This makes honeycomb core an universal replacement for solid filling materials in countless applications.

02 Material Properties

open, sandwich/sandwich core
light transmission
high transmission

03 Dimensions (available Sizes)

Dimensions (available Sizes)  
Height (thickness)
5 - 100 mm

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Architecture, Exhibitions, Honicel Products, Interview

05 Articles about

Each model is an interpretation

Each model is an interpretation

There’s a very close relationship between making architectural models and photography. A surprising discovery for Oliver Elser, curator of the exhibition “The Architectural Model – Tool, Fetish, Small Utopia”, at the Deutsches Architekturmuseum, Frankfurt. An interview by Nina Reetzke.

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06 Glossary

honeycomb, paper, cardboard, Honicel Group, Honicel Nederland