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ipasol neutral 68/37

01 product description

Product description

Like a huge crystal, in London's historic centre - the nine-storey office building at One Coleman Street impresses with its unique vitreous facade. Each of the solar control glass panes is tilted at a different angle, in which the structural glazing was glued to the frame construction without any visible fasteners. None of the "prefab" steel parts were used more than six times. In spite of all these variations, the geometric shapes provide for an overall spatial symmetry. The building, however, also meets the highest technical demands: 3,000 square metres of solar control glazing (ipasol neutral 68/37) allow a lot of daylight into the building, in turn preventing the rooms from heating up too much in the summer and also providing effective thermal insulation on cold days.

All pictures: One Coleman Street, London, UK
Architect: David Walker Architects, London, UK

02 Technical Data

technical description

Exactly 425 white, sculpture-like "prefab" parts along with 3,000 square metres of solar control glazing were used for this unconventional office building that is owned by Union Investment Real Estate AG at One Coleman Street in London's financial district.

In many cases, prefab parts were used in order to keep the costs down. David Walker Architects, on the other hand, use this system to create their steel "sculptures" with colour-neutral solar control glazing (ipasol neutral 68/37) for a unique crystal-like appearance. No shape is used more than six times and by rotating the parts at different angles, the facade looks extremely versatile.

Due to the even white areas and colour-neutral glazing, the offices themselves also look like the inside of a crystal. The transparent material not only provides a 360 degree view over the historic financial centre of London, but the rooms are also flooded with daylight in order to reduce the need for artificial illumination and for a nicer atmosphere inside.

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