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Design: Knut Völzke

Article no: August
stylepark-id: 05.3828.00006


01 product description

Product description

May and August are objects for use. At home and in the office. On the table, floor, or shelf. As storage, a small table, bookend, stand, or as a complimentary lid in combination with the Julies pieces. For letters, cards, magazines, CDs, books, television and stereo systems, and for everything that deserves a special place.

The versatility of the design, the formal simplicity, and the exclusive craftwork make up the unmistakable characteristics of these furniture pieces. They are created from a particular fine lamin board, coated with a colored laminate. A process developed by Leise makes it possible to expose the raw material along the edges for the first time. The brilliant colors of the surfaces in contrast with the natural wood grain of the polished edges emphasize their unique character.

02 dimensions/weight

overall dimension  
190 mm
190 mm
190 mm

03 technical data

technical description  
technical description
All models are available in the following colors: white, sand, lilac, mocha, red, gray, and blue.

Material: Leise lamin board, colored laminate.

Model: August
Measurements: Height 19 cm, width 19 cm, depth 19 cm