Diagonal DG210 / 240 / 260

Design: Radek Hegmon, David Karásek

Article no: DG210 / 240 / 260
stylepark-id: 14.4498.00046

Diagonal DG210 / 240 / 260

01 product description

Product description

An all-purpose range of litter bins offered in a large variety of shapes andmaterials. Subtle wooden lamellas, technically pure slotted steel sheet orinteresting transparent stretched metal always bring a different yet elegant effect.Suitability and high resistance to vandalism and corrosion are guaranteed. Thetriple litter bin for sorted waste is a variation that offers a solution of the currentrecycling problems while conserving the unity of the design.

Galvanized steel supporting frame with coating made of solid wooden lamellas, slottedmetal sheet, perforated metal sheet, slotted stainless steel sheet or stretched steel sheet.Models with covers can be provided with stainless steel cigarette extinguisher and ashtray.Galvanized steel inner bin. Anchoring to concrete base or pavement.

02 dimensions/weight

overall dimension  
380 mm
785 mm