Mini-multami(e) 1x AR70 TI

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Mini-multami(e) 1x AR70 TI

01 product description

Product description

Multami(e) is the new surface mounted and recessed family from Modular Lighting Instruments. In technical terms, Multami(e) consolidates what functional and modern lighting means in the 21st Century. Moreover, the especially contemporary, refreshing and chic styling is the perfect fit within Modular's current design palette.

The design
In terms of form, Multami(e) keeps the perfect middle line between the more austere design characteristic of Modular products from the eighties/nineties, and the organic, rounded shapes of the end of the nineties, beginning of the 21st Century. ‘Multiple', a particularly successful Modular family of traditional rectangular recessed spotlights was certainly a source of inspiration for the developers of Multami(e). The name ‘Multami(e)' means male friend (ami) or female friend (amie) of the ‘Multiple'.
However, Multami(e)'s most striking feature is its gently rounded housing, which is accentuated at every angle by means of a stylised 6mm radius. The flat bottom plate that helps conceals the inside of the appliance from view, is also slightly recessed, thus lending that extra vigour to the organic angles and lines. Furthermore, the family acquires an austere, timeless look by the use of a mat white structure as its standard colour finish and by making visible the transitions between the side plates, end pieces and intermediate profiles. The visible fine lines also add a subtle play of light and shadow on the flat plates.

02 dimensions/weight

overall dimension  
120 mm
135 mm
120 mm
1,3 kg

03 technical data

recommended Illuminant, means of lighting  
Bulb type
halogen lamp

04 security/protection

Fire prevention classes
Inspection seal /certification

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