Design: Dick Spierenburg


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01 product description

Product description

The smoke chair which could be found in many interiors back in the 1950s has been an inspiration for this comfortable armchair: A wooden chair with thick square cushions as a seat and back. Setting back of the chair tilted in no time and in this way it was possible to sit actively and passively in only one piece of furniture. Reading, smoking and sagging from time to time with the eyes dense. This was called comfort sixty years ago. The new design which embroiderers this tradition has also a base, a tightly wooden frame all around with largely measured cushions inside as seat and back. When now moving the seat cushion simply forward, the angle of the back changes and the comfort is adapted accordingly. If a book is being read or the tablet is in use, if one is catching up or TV is being watched, snoozing off for a moment, all is possible. Making 'living' in the armchair completely real, accessories have been developed. A with leather upholstered space at the arm to hold a book, glass, telephone or tablet, will also be a valuable supplement. Sitting down completely and comfortably with the possibilities of now and with a look back in the past, characterizes the chair Dickens.

02 dimensions/weight

overall dimension  
560 mm
760 mm
960 mm
Height of armrests
520 mm
Seat dimensions  
Width of seat
410 mm

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