Soft Wood Sofa

Design: Front


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Soft Wood Sofa

01 product description

Product description

"The concept of appearances emerges clearly in the work of an all-female group of young Swedish designers, FRONT, whose range of seating, sofas and armchairs is their first work for Moroso. The Moment collection makes a striking use of photographic images to create an illusion of movement in the objects and to twist the experience of their shape and materiality. The images make the cushions of the sofa balance on their edges, turn a flat surface into one richly draped with fabric, and make a wooden surface soft. Real light and shadow mix together with printed ones. A sudden light flare is preserved by a print on the table top and the light from a window decorates the carpet like at a frozen moment."

02 dimensions/weight

overall dimension  
1940 mm
1080 mm
1030 mm

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