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Rip-off hunter, Card players,
and a bird

News & Stories | imm cologne 2016

Rip-off hunter, Card players, <br/>and a bird

Playing boule at Pulpo, pulling teeth out at e15 and you could easily lose your bearings in the Conmoto kaleidoscope: the stage was set for the Featured Editions at the imm cologne.

In the ring! imm cologne Featured Editions 2016

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High fliers

High fliers
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Four legs and a seat shell
Give Tarzan <br/>a break!
Open Doors. Answer Right. <br/>Santa Claus. Christmas Bright!

As time goes by

News & Stories | imm cologne 2016

by Adeline Seidel

As time goes by

Revivals, evergreens and many colors: imm cologne 2016 likes sending its visitors time traveling. Since it is becoming ever harder to offer something really new, the option is to resort to the archive and refine things.

Take your seats!
Closing fast 11: <br/>Refined discoloration
What only the giraffe knows
Milan is realigning
Work with love