fibreC 3D round perforation


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fibreC 3D round perforation

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Product description

The three-dimensional mould elements made of glassfibre reinforced concrete make facades with ambitious geometric forms possible. Thanks to a newly developed manufacturing technology, fibreC 3D elements can be produced in fair-faced concrete quality on both sides, which means that Rieder will grant architects even more design freedom. As the mould elements can be combined with the fibreC facade panels, they represent an economical solution for one-of-a-kind facades.
Rieder manufactured more than 400 three-dimensional facade panels for the perforated facade of the Lontoonkatu 9 Project in Helsinki designed by Kirsi Korhonen and Mika Penttinen Oy. The overall facade was divided into 16 different types. The panel sizes ranged from 0.7 x 0.9 m to 1.2 x 3.8 m. During the production phase, up to four fastening anchors were integrated into a facade panel to minimise the fastening work at the construction site. The perforated façade elements are 7 cm thick and smooth on all sides and provide an interesting external view from the interior of the building. Due to the geometric form of the 3D elements, special illumination effects arise indoors when sunlight shines through them.

All Pictures: Lontoonkatu 9, Helsinki, Finnland
Architects: Kirsi Korhonen and Mika Penttinen