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fibreC, Pandion Vista, ivory


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fibreC, Pandion Vista, ivory

01 product description

Product description

fibreC facade panels are available in three standard sizes: 3100 x 1200, 2500 x 1200 and 3600 x 1200 mm. The large format panels are 13 mm thin and give architects plenty of scope in the design of individual facades. The panels can be produced in any requested dimensions up to the maximum standard size. Rieder offers cutting waste optimization for project-specific dimensions. The panels are dyed throughout with natural colour pigments and are available in 12 different colours and three surface textures - FE Ferro (sandblasted), FE Ferro Light (sandblasted at lower pressure) and MA Matt (brushed, smooth surface), with countless creative possibilities regarding colour, structure and form.

Project description
Pandion Vista Office and Living Building

Hadi Teherani BRT architects

Product Information:

1500 m2 fibreC 13 mm
colour: ivory
surface: FE Ferro

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