Harp 368 lounge chair

Design: Rodolfo Dordoni

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Harp 368 lounge chair

01 product description

Product description

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02 dimensions/weight

overall dimension  
630 mm
710 mm
670 mm

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Twelve dreams under the big blue sky

Twelve dreams under the big blue sky

Lounging and dreaming in the big outdoors, preferably on huge sofas and comfy daybeds, into which we lightly sink and forget the everyday rat race.

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Staying in generous expanses of white

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Designers have to think of their career as a job, not a show

Designers have to think of their career as a job, not a show

In the past lots of things were much easier. Perhaps being Art Director as well. In an interview with Stylepark Rodolfo Dordoni, chief designer at Minotti, spoke about what it means to be in charge of the artistic side of a major company.

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