Wogg 56

Design: Jörg Boner


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Wogg 56

01 product description

Product description

This is a plain table. It is made of solid oak, solid ash, or solid walnut. A relatively thin table top, only 28 mm deep, appears to hover above the four legs, which are also made of solid wood. The two straight pairs of legs are recessed into and firmly attached to the surface of the table top. The idea for this table originates from the tradition of the joiner's craft. A large, solid surface must always be stabilised, otherwise it can become warped, crooked, or uneven. The solution to this problem is the dovetailed batten. This has been used for hundreds of years to help a large wooden surface keep its shape. Traditionally, it is positioned on both of the shorter sides of the surface, crossways to the grain. The Wogg 56 table is made the same way. But it wouldn't be a Wogg product if this tradition hadn't been freshly examined and optimised for production in a manufactory. The wood specialists at Wogg have searched for and found a contemporary solution. The dovetail batten on the Wogg 56 is an invisible metal profile. It stabilises the table and defines the position of both pairs of legs. These are screwed on, and for transportation purposes can simply be removed and packed away to save space.

The formal language of the design is also minimalist in style. The table has no unnecessary edges. There are none either on the underside of the tabletop or on the insides of the legs. These details make the table contemporary. The Wogg 56 is a table which can be integrated seamlessly into any existing interior decoration. It is not at all obtrusive. The design is plain yet sophisticated. It combines traditional craftsmanship with contemporary technical and formal demands.

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