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We devoted ourselves to WOOD. And to DESIGN. And also to another culture. When talking about wood, we mean solid wood and ECOLOGY. When talking about design we mean investigation and when talking about another culture we mean EXCHANGE. With the foundation of INCHFURNITURE we are implementing this mindset: The PRODUCTION of our furniture is carried out by the production site of an indonesian woodworking school using wood according to the principles of sustainability.

With INChfurniture not only the finished product is given priority. The social and ecological circumstances, ranging from the wood-procurement to the production are also essential. In Indonesia, we collaborate with the technical school for wood processing PIKA (Pendidikan Industri Kayu Atas = Higher Technical School for Wood Processing). PIKA produces our furniture and we in exchange organize workshops and seminaries. Since ecology is our focal matter, we exclusively use wood from sustained forest cultivation.

The intersection of both cultures always is incorporated into the design of our furniture, which means, that we combine Indonesian stylistic elements with our perception of a modern home culture which altogether results in a unique character of our furniture. Furthermore, wellestablished mixtures of wood play an important role and also the investigation towards an advancement of all these elements. For this reason, we exclusively implement design principles being appropriate for the material involved, such as dovetail battens, matched joints and finger joints. All our furniture antetypes are developed in our workshop in Basle. Wood is a vivid material constantly undergoing changes. With the construction of our furniture we consider this constant "working" of the wood. Our furniture - designed for an almost
everlasting lifespan - will gain character with increasing age. With the manufacturing process of furniture of solid wood serial manufacturing processes are only applicable in a restricted way, since every tree has grown differently and has it`s own individual grain and colour. Every single part of the tree is selected accordingly to its constructive and aesthetic requests. Much of our work remains hand-craft and therefore, every piece of furniture is a unique specimen.

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550 mm
420 mm
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450 mm

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