Kreon - ceiling solutions

Diseño: Kristof Pycke


ID de Stylepark: 04.3794.10050


01 descripción del producto

descripción de productos

For product information please contact the manufacturer.

02 dimensiones/peso

dimensiones globales  
165 mm, 172 mm
dimensiones de montaje  
instalación - profundidad
195 - 200 mm, 178 - 230 mm, 225 - 230 mm, 203 - 230 mm

03 datos técnicos

QT12-ax, 100W, 12V
QR-LP111, 100W, 12V
HIT-TC, 20/35/70W, 230V/5kV
HIR-CE111, 20/35/70W, 230V/5kV

04 seguridad/protección

seguridad (DIN 40050)
IP40 protección contra: sólidos >1mm
clase de seguridad
clase 2 (aislamiento de protección), clase 3 (tensión baja de protección)
clase de seguridad, combustible

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06 Articles about Kreon - ceiling solutions and Kristof Pycke

In the right light

In the right light

Whether in architecture or interior design, light planning plays a pivotal role, as the illumination structures the room, sets accents and guides the observer's view. Three examples illustrate the impact of light.

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Integrative ceiling systems

Integrative ceiling systems

Kreon ceiling solutions provides modular systems through which illumination, air/conditioning, power supplies and data lines in a single compact level.

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Small bright dots

Small bright dots

Lighting systems that are almost unnoticeably integrated into the ceiling system ensure that the room does not compete with the lighting as the two blend almost perfectly.

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