Troldtekt®-acoustic panels, Danish Radio Broadcasting-Center, Concert Hall

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Troldtekt®-acoustic panels, Danish Radio Broadcasting-Center, Concert Hall

01 product description

Product description

The Danish Broadcasting Corporation’s concert hall is a distinctive and exciting building designed by the French architect Jean Nouvel. The stunning building is a vast cube clad in a blue screen on which live images are projected at night. It houses four quite different purpose studios with different acoustic treatments in each room.
Studio 1 is the very beautiful 28,000 cubic metre concert hall with seating for 1800. Despite its size, it is intimate with seating encircling the stage and golden colours on the wavy walls. It has outstanding acoustics which have put it on the global map of large concert halls. The acoustics were designed by Yasuhisa Toyota, world renowned for his expertise in the field.

Outside the studios, acoustics and materials still remain a priority and continue the characteristic traits of the building’s interior design. The floors are steel plate and the walls concrete, with a textured surface known as ‘elephant skin’, while the Troldtekt ceiling panels and walls are neon orange. This dazzling colour is repeated on walls, cable ducts and service pipes, creating an overall unifying effect to emphasis the famous building’s architectural and sensual experience.

Troldtekt panels are made from 100% natural materials; wood from Danish forests and cement produced by Aalborg Portland, Denmark. The structure of Troldtekt panels provides a basis for excellent sound absorption, and using Troldtekt ceilings will, therefore, reduce noise and provide optimal room acoustics. Troldtekt is available in a high number of combinations that vary according to surface structure, edge, installation system, colour, dimension and thickness.

All pictures: Danish Radio Broadcasting-Center, Concert Hall, Copenhagen, Denmark
Architect: Ateliers Jean Nouvel

02 dimensions/weight

overall dimension  
600 m
600 m, 1200 m, 2000 m, 2400 m

03 Technical Data

technical description

- Good acoustics
- Efficient fireproofing
- Healthy indoor climate
- Simple installation
- High durability


Ultrafine 1 mm
Fine 1,5 mm
Coarse 3,0 mm

Installation system:
- Installed with screws direct on wooden battens
- Installed with concealed KN-brackets direct on wooden battens
- Removable installation in suspended, visible T-profiles
- Removable installation in suspended, concealed T-profiles
- Installed with screws on C60-profile system, suspended

04 Material Properties