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Prologe 80 Ligna

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Prologe 80 Ligna

01 profil du produit

description de produit

Developed in partnership with Bartenbach Lichtlabor, Ligna is a continuously luminated line developed for Prologe extruded profiles with light outputs in excess of 50%. Crucial for architectural lighting, the flow of the luminance is barely interrupted due to an innovative OLDP (opalised linear de-glaring prism) optic. This optic is set back above the ceiling line to provide an unsurpassed lit effect. Intelligent construction and modulation make tool less assembly and installation into the Prologe profiles possible.

02 dimensions/poids

dimensions totales  
102 mm
575 mm, 875 mm, 1175 mm, 1475 mm

03 données techniques

T16, 230V, 14W/24W, G5
T16, 230V, 21W/29W, G5
T16, 230V, 28W/54W, G5
T16, 230V, 35W/49W/80W, G5

04 sécurité/protection

sécurité (DIN 40050)
IP40 protection contre : matières solides > 1mm
catégorie de sécurité
classe I (mise à terre de protection)

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Integrative ceiling systems

Integrative ceiling systems

Kreon ceiling solutions provides modular systems through which illumination, air/conditioning, power supplies and data lines in a single compact level.

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Small bright dots

Small bright dots

Lighting systems that are almost unnoticeably integrated into the ceiling system ensure that the room does not compete with the lighting as the two blend almost perfectly.

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