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Square Side/ Square Side Emergency

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Square Side/ Square Side Emergency

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description de produit

Square side is a Vektron tile with integrated light fitting finished with an aluminium reflector that clips into the housing without screws nor welding.

The Vektron system comprises a concealed supporting structure with clip-in ceiling tiles. When these tiles are fitted, a shadow joint is created, emphasising the grid pattern. The combination of the clip-in profile and the specially developed clip ridges in the Vektron tiles creates a perfectly level ceiling. Every tile can be quickly and easily removed. The standard dimensions are 600 mm x 600 mm, perforated or non-perforated.

02 dimensions/poids

dimensions totales  
307 mm
95 mm
310 mm
dimensions d'installation  
profondeur d'installation
105 mm

03 données techniques

ampoule recommandées  
E27, RX7s, G24d-2, G24q-2, G24d-3
type de lampe
lampe fluorescente compacte, lampe halogène à halogénure métallique, lampe halogène

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Kreon ceiling solutions provides modular systems through which illumination, air/conditioning, power supplies and data lines in a single compact level.

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