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01 profil du produit

description de produit

U-SHAPE is a direct offshoot of TRAFFIC. The same organic shapes were put to use again to develop two wall-mounted fixtures and three ceilingmounted fixtures.
The wall-mounted U-SHAPE models are furnished with little MR16 halogen lamps and warm white and ice white high power LEDs. The light distribution for both types of light is both up and down. The shape of the U-SHAPE WALL is composed of the outer radials of the traffic modules.
U-SHAPE 2xMR16 is a ceiling-mounted fixture that can also be installed as a pending structure by using an optional cable set. The inside of the oval shell is finished in black lacquer.
In the two larger U-SHAPE models, the three ubiquitous AR111 lamps and the polycarbonate of the TL5 edition result in the oval shape being pulled slightly outwards at the side. This gives extra emphasis to the organic shape of the fixture. U-SHAPE 3xAR111 and 2xT5 always come with a suspension set.

02 dimensions/poids

dimensions totales  
116 mm
180 mm
130 mm

03 données techniques

ampoule recommandées  
type de lampe
lampe halogène, lampe DEL

04 sécurité/protection

catégorie de sécurité
classe I (mise à terre de protection)
catégorie de sécurité, combustible
marque/certification de qualité

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