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SKiN Armchair

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A "sculpture" which is at the same time decidedly "present" and yet immaterial, light and compact. The seating is suspended and the decorative Leather elements become structural, making it surprisingly comfortable, original and delicate.

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Red Dot Design Award 2008

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Small is beautiful

Small is beautiful

They’re back in fashion – small, light armchairs with a wooden or tubular steel frame. In the 1950s and 1960s they came to fame as “easy chairs”; now they’ve morphed into “lounge chairs”. For the office or the home.

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Fitzcarraldo  <br/>in Paris

in Paris

Its construction costs tripled, it was a good two years behind schedule, and eventually it opened before it was even completed: Jean Nouvel’s Philharmonie de Paris. All about good intentions and an architecture that reaches for the stars but sadly gets dragged down to earth by its own vanities.

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Milan is realigning

Milan is realigning

The organizers of the Milan Furniture Fair have given themselves a new structure. And Italian manufacturers and brands are also in the midst of change. The outlook for 2015.

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