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Modul Q 36 Aqua

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Modul Q 36 Aqua

01 profil du produit

description de produit

Ultra-flat 10 mm thick spray water resistant ceiling LED.next luminaire for outdoors and damp rooms. Direct mounting. As an option, also available with mounting bracket for cavity (Halox-0 or Ø 68 mm hole). Beam mainly direct (approx. 95 %), wide beam. Version with narrow beam by means of integrated lens technology. Additional ceiling lighting and very even, almost ceiling-height illumination of walls from secondary light. External Nimbus converter required. The converter can be integrated in a suspended ceiling or an in-ceiling junction box. The luminaire can be directly fastened to this in-ceiling junction box.

02 dimensions/poids

dimensions totales  
122 mm
10 mm, 48 mm
122 mm

03 données techniques

ampoule recommandées  
classe énergétique
LED.next technology, 9 W power supply, 24 V DC
9 W LED.next = 50 W Halogen

04 sécurité/protection

sécurité (DIN 40050)
IP44 protection contre : matières solides > 1mm/projection d'eau

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