E2 Revox controll unit

Design: Gira Design-Team

ID Stylepark: 15.1015.11013

E2 Revox controll unit

01 profilo di prodotti

descrizione del prodotto

The switch design range Gira E2 combines strictly reduced design with functional material and intelligent technology: It is available in the four colours pure white silky matt, pure white shiny, aluminium and anthracite and consists of break-proof thermoplast which is resistant to ultraviolet light and has a care-free surface.
The range encompasses a multitude of functions for modern building management, whether for data and communications technology or bus technology.It's part of the convenience of a modern house when music or radio stations can be heard throughout the building via a music system, and operating units are located in the various rooms with which the sounds can be varied and controlled in a sophisticated manner.

The Revox multiroom system ensures perfect sound quality all around the house. Up to 32 additional rooms can be supplied with music via the Revox M51 central unit. In the process it's possible to define four different listening zones of up to eight rooms each. Each listening zone can access its own music.

In cooperation with Revox, Gira offers the M218 operating unit and the M217 display unit. Using these control devices, the Revox multiroom system can easily be operated from any room and a uniform appearance that matches the remaining electrical installation is guaranteed.

In addition, integration in the Instabus KNX system via the Gira HomeServer 2, enabling music control via a PC, mobile phone or PDA.

02 dimensioni/peso

Dimensioni complessive  
151,9 mm
80,8 mm
9,3 mm

03 sicurezza/protezione

Sicurezza / Protezione  
sicurezza (DIN 40050)
IP44 protezione per: solidi > 1mm/schizzi d’acqua, IP20 protezione per: solidi > 12 mm

04 premi


- International Design Award 1998, Design Center Stuttgart
- Red Dot Design Innovations, Design Zentrum NRW Essen, 1999
- iF Product Design Award 1999, iF Design Hanover