the Nought Collective, USA

Our goal is to simply match the collective with the individual. Weaving notions of volume, luminescence, organic and abstract forms with natural materials is our creative forethought. The results bespeak the unique quality of each piece, every time.

Area rugs in Nepal were originally made solely for domestic use. Only the occasional traveler was fortunate enough to add a piece to a collection. Export began only in the 1960's and remains a small crafted commodity to the outside world. Our source factory was founded with ten weavers in 1990 and has since grown into a company of over one hundred artisans with production capacity of approximately 13,000 square feet a month.

Rugmark-certified master artisans hand-knot each piece according to traditional methods from the mountainous regions of the land. The characteristic thick, low pile construction delivers excellent protection against both humidity and cold temperatures.

Fair labor practices are integral to the Nought Collective philosophy.
the Nought Collective: Balsamea charcoal @ Stylepark
the Nought Collective
Balsamea charcoal
the Nought Collective: Decidua chalk @ Stylepark
the Nought Collective
Decidua chalk
the Nought Collective: Aralia charcoal @ Stylepark
the Nought Collective
Aralia charcoal
the Nought Collective: Balsamea chalk @ Stylepark
the Nought Collective
Balsamea chalk
the Nought Collective: Phoenicea yellow @ Stylepark
the Nought Collective
Phoenicea yellow
the Nought Collective: Aralia graphite @ Stylepark
the Nought Collective
Aralia graphite