Alape: WT.GR1200.L/ 1200H.L
WT.GR1200.L/ 1200H.L Nr 1
WT.GR1200.L/ 1200H.L Nr 2

WT.GR1200.L/ 1200H.L

Design: busalt design

Article no: 4263000000/ 4266000000
Идентификатор Stylepark: 07.1897.10134

WT.GR1200.L/ 1200H.L

01 профиль изделия

Описание изделия

Washstand, rectangular 1200 x 455/ 500 x 125 mm, glazed inside and outside, white, basin mould on the left, without/ with tap hole, without overflow, including fixing set, including overflow set C.

02 габариты/вес

overall dimension  
1200 mm
125 mm
455 mm, 500 mm

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#ish by<br/>#kaschkasch

#ish by

Florian Kallus of young designer duo Kaschkasch shared his impressions at the ISH with Stylepark‘s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. An unadulterated look at water basins, pipes and open fuse boxes.

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Where water swirls

The ISH is the world’s leading trade-fair for innovative bath design. Wellness, hygiene and health are the elements from which the physical experience in bathrooms of today are formed.

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Refreshing prospects

Refreshing prospects

At the ISH trade fair in Frankfurt new bath designs, smart technologies and energy-efficient building technologies will all be on show. We’ve brought together the most important information on the fair for you.

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