Esprit Touch dimmer

Design: Gira Design-Team

Идентификатор Stylepark: 03.1015.10253

Esprit Touch dimmer

01 профиль изделия

Описание изделия

The Gira Esprit switch range offers an unusually wide diversity of materials. The concise frame design perfectly matches the selected surface materials of shiny glass, ground and anodised aluminium, shiny gold or chrome-gloss polished metal with a special surface sealant, and wood. More than 280 functions that can be installed into the switch range offer maximum flexibility for all intelligent building technology requirements – from socket outlets and light switches right up to complex systems for the automation and central control of the complete electrical installation.

02 габариты/вес

overall dimension  
95 mm
95 mm
9,85 mm

03 безопасность/защита

Безопасность (DIN 40050)
Степень защиты IP20: от твердых тел > 12 мм

04 награды


- Design Plus, light + building trade fair Frankfurt 2000
- red dot award product design, Design Zentrum NRW Essen, 2001
- Plus X Award-Siegel, Innovation und Design, 2010

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