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Louis Poulsen
LC Shutters

Design: Louise Campbell


Article no: 91510
Идентификатор Stylepark: 04.1124.00097

LC Shutters

01 профиль изделия

Описание изделия

Glare-free light . symmetric light distribution . fragmented light . suitable for a variety of light sources . diffuser ball ensures further lighting comfort . variable installation heights . available as a white version with coloured screens . ideal for restaurants, conference rooms, dining tables, etc.

The fixture emits a primarily downward illumination. The perforated pattern on the shade provides a soft illumination around the fixture. Meanwhile, the perforation helps to lighten up the surface of the shade in a decorative way, when it is turned on, thereby maintaining the contour of the fixture, whether it is on or off. The light source is surrounded by an opal diffuser, which ensures that the fixture is 100% glare-free, and that the fixture is suitable for several types of light sources providing the same light distribution and comfort. And finally, the shape of the diffuser allows a beautiful view into the fixture.

White, powder coated. White, powder coated with coloured foils.

02 габариты/вес

overall dimension  
440 mm
301 mm
3 kg

03 технические данные

recommended Illuminant, means of lighting  
Класс энергопотребления
A+ - E

04 безопасность/защита

Безопасность (DIN 40050)
Степень защиты IP20: от твердых тел > 12 мм
Класс безопасности
класс II (защитная изоляция)

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