Siedle, Германия

The longstanding Siedle enterprise was founded in 1750 as a iron foundry and has been specialising in door communication systems since 1928. Today, Siedle produces communication systems that are as individual as their owners. From colour to functionality, each product line can adapt to the wants and needs of its users. Optimal flexibility in design for the consumer is the hallmark of Siedle’s entire, product range, which has won many design wards.

The variety in materials and surfaces of the Classic door systems range is unmatched; the modular Siedle-Vario system is infinitely customizable and in the Siedle Steel range the customer even participates in the production process. Within the framework of the characteristic Steel-Design each system is planned and manufactured according to the client’s specifications as a one-off design. This flexible approach is also maintained through to the interior communication points. They are available off-the-shelf in 144 variations and can additionally be adapted according to individual needs.

The design is rooted in the decision not to manufacture individual products but rather open, modular systems. The Siedle System Design is based on a matrix that allows for the combination of different functions into a holistic ensemble, whilst ensuring high standards in ergonomics, functionality and user-friendliness. This is achieved through a rarified, yet aesthetically accomplished design language that focuses only on the essential. The design remains free from the influences of fashion without neglecting long-term trends.
Siedle: delivery box @ Stylepark
delivery box
Siedle: Manufaktur @ Stylepark
Siedle: Camera 180 @ Stylepark
Camera 180
Siedle: Camera 130 @ Stylepark
Camera 130
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Siedle: Scope App @ Stylepark
Scope App
Customized mimicry <br/>for the anti-villa

Customized mimicry
for the anti-villa

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Take receipt of parcels at any time

Take receipt of parcels at any time

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Now that is a great stand! <br> Part 2

Now that is a great stand!
Part 2

In the second half of our trip to the Munich trade fair BAU with Amandus Sattler, he discovers some well-designed stands, tells us what he thinks of sound insulation and why he is particularly fond of façades made of translucent glass and textile-based media façades.

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