Nils Holger Moormann

Design: Jörg Sturm, Susanne Wartzeck


Идентификатор Stylepark: 05.1004.10018


01 профиль изделия

Описание изделия

A stainless steel frame joins two pairs of legs in a simple, yet stable combination. The flexibility of the steel sheet allows all four feet to touch the floor, even on irregular surfaces, and ensures that the construction is stable. The legs are made of clear-varnished solid beechwood or solid beech black glace.

02 габариты/вес

overall dimension  
370 mm
720 mm
716 mm
4,5 kg

03 награды


red dot for hightest quality of design 1994, IF Design Award 1995, Design award Switzerland 1995, furniture interior design 200 best of year 2000

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No tightrope walker: 5 questions for Nils Holger Moormann

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