fibreC Façade Covering, special

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fibreC Façade Covering, special

01 product description

Product description

The development of fibreC was inspired by Rieder‘s vision of a concrete cladding panel that is both stable and lightweight, able to withstand the effects of weather and environmental conditions and at the same time sustainable and aesthetic. fibreC – the name is an acronym of the words “glassfibre“ and “concrete“ – is a glassfibre-reinforced concrete panel that unites the advantages of both glassfibres and concrete. Glassfibre-reinforced concrete is made of purely mineral raw materials, which give the panels their unique characteristics. The authentic appearance creates an vivid facade.

fibreC facade panels are available in three standard sizes: 3100 x 1200, 2500 x 1200 and 3600 x 1200 mm. The large format panels are 13 mm thin and give architects plenty of scope in the design of individual facades. The panels can be produced in any requested dimensions up to the maximum standard size. Rieder offers cutting waste optimization for project-specific dimensions. The panels are dyed throughout with natural colour pigments and are available in 12 different colours and three surface textures - FE Ferro (sandblasted), FE Ferro Light (sandblasted at lower pressure) and MA Matt (brushed, smooth surface), with countless creative possibilities regarding colour, structure and form.

All pictures: fibreC Pavillon at Swissbau 2012, Basel, Switzerland
Architect: Boris Egli, L3P Architects

02 dimensions/weight

overall dimension  
1,2 m
2,5 m, 3,6 m

03 Technical Data

technical description

A new concrete quality:
-Increased fire resistance: good thermic values and fire resistance class A1 according to DIN standard, highest fire resistance and thermal stability up to 350°Celsius
-Performance: highest loading capacity at minimum cross sections and enormous panel sizes set new standards in facade engineering for interior and exterior applications.
-Long-term durability: proven long-term durability for both interior and exterior applications thanks to highest product quality.
-Authenticity: The use of purely mineral raw materials in the concrete matrix results in top quality meeting the highest requirements. fibreC is authentic. Concrete - not more and not less!
-Formability: bending, forming and chamfering of elements in one piece at constant solidity and without adhesive
-Individuality: A maximum degree of individuality of the elements is achieved by the new concept of industrial manufactory. Each element is unique in size, colour and surface.

Long-term durability
fibreC glassfibreConcrete has a durability of over 50 years. Natural signs of wear in no way impair the mechanical load capacity and safety of the panels. Soiling, e.g. through street exposure, can influence differences in colour and gloss more strongly over the years than natural weathering. Upon request we will be pleased to send you information material on tests and certificates regarding maintenance and durability!

Sizes: 1,2 x 2,5 m and 1,2 x 3,6 m (purpose-designed sizes on request)
Thickness 8, 10 and 13 mm
Thickness tolerance max. ± 1mm
Bending tensile strength min. 18 Mpa according to EN 12467
Elasticity Module 20.000 N/mm²
Dead Load 26 - 32 kg/m2 (13 mm)
Thermal expansion coefficient 10 x 10-6K-1
Building material class A1 (according to DIN 4102) - incombustible
Thermal Stability depending on slab humidity up to 350° Celsius
Waterproofness according to EN 12467
Thermal and Rain testing according to EN 12467
Frost Resistance according to EN 12467

04 Dimensions (available Sizes)

Dimensions (available Sizes)  
Height (thickness)
1,3 cm

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