Steel Letterbox glass mounted

Design: Eberhard Meurer

Идентификатор Stylepark: 24.1024.10103

Steel Letterbox glass mounted

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Siedle Steel for glass mounting is integrated directly into the glass without visible fixing elements.
There are two variants to choose from: For direct mounting in a previously defined glass cut-out, the cabling becomes part of the design concept. The supply cable is routed to the floor through a flexible stainless steel woven mesh conduit. The unit appears suspended at the ergonomically optimum height. The panel mounting arrangement positions the communication directly between two glass elements. Letterboxes and communication technology are positioned directly between two glass elements without any additional fastening elements. The panel places all the elements at just the right ergonomic height, and an additional button is provided within easy reach of wheelchair users and children.

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нержавеющая сталь



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Inter. design award B.-Wuerttemberg 1998

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