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The project Abol, by the designers Oscar and Gabriele Buratti, results from antoniolupi ‘s interest in the rediscovery of ceramic, a material that for a longtime has been left out for more technological ones, such as Corian, Ceramilux and Cristalplant or

for other more emotional ones, such as natural stone or marble.

Abol is a collection of washbasins and bathroom fittings designed by keeping intact the minimalist and formal rigor that distinguishes the typical style of antoniolupi, by finding a n

ew balance among softer lines that are essential for ceramics.

The use of ceramic and the “control of softness” have been the key ideas for this project. Three sizes of counter top washbasin were designed, aiming at being located on furniture by an

toniolupi with clear lines, the resulting outcome is an elegant mix between softness and rigor.

The Abol washbasins are characterized by a slight bending towards the user, just to receive his/her body. The biggest element (90 cm) is also equipped w

ith an inside support with a double function: container or a top to hold taps and fittings.

Breite540 mm / 700 mm
Höhe260 mm
Tiefe500 mm
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