Affreschi Strip

Affreschi Strip
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The AFFRESCHI collection of antoniolupi is inspired by the Michelangelo’s David. A contemporary and hedonist David, symbol of beauty, force and vigour. The graphics glean from collective imagination drawings, often related to the past.
The decorations

presented at the fear are: Flower, Strip and Tomorrow, in different colours. Each can be custom made and adapted to the dimensions of the wall. The collection will widen in the future with other different decorations. All the graphics presented are chara

cterized by a high degree of blend between different styles: stripes, weave, damask fabrics, brocade, Victorian decorative arts, artistic pieces typical of Renaissance, details of bright crystals, numerical matrixes and words pronounced in the time. All i

n a amalgam of figures without time, which can be adapted to any house.

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Antonio Lupi, Italien

Pietro Gaeta