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Considering the bathroom as a totally relaxing room where the idea of bath goes beyond its usual use. Anotonio Lupi Design has revised its CALIDE project for the bath, which has been shown in 2002 by now, thus keeping basically the past project; today it

is presented with two sizes of storage capacity that have been redesigned and made be more confortable and available in versions with open spaces like a real bookcase. The Biblio bath is wooden covered and has containing shelves, it is made of Corian and

changes the bathroom raising it to the well-being room both for your physique and for your mind.

Biblio, which is absolutely versatile, can be both placed on the floor and built in it, it can be shaped very near a step or made to measure, even whe

n walls and surface are out of square. Anyway the dimension of the storage capacity is unchanged.

Eight different types of wooden coating are available – whitened durmast, natural durmast, wengé durmast, grey, blond walnut, ebony and black ebony du

rmast – for a bookcase to be placed both in the bath length and width and that can be a bookcase or simply a shelf and towel stand.

A peculiarity of the Biblio bath by Antonio Lupi is its innovative system for the water supply: instead of the usual

supply pipe, this system supplies water through the drain that has also the function of overflow and works through the application of the communicating vessels principle.

Highly influential is also the new XL version of the renowned Biblio bath tu

b, 160x186 cm in size, customized on request. Completely encased and with a thin border (1 cm), the Biblio XL looks like a mini indoor swimming pool.

Among the available accessories there are the adjustable back, the holder and the headrest.


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