Vorgestellt:ISH 2013, Frankfurt
Kategorien: Bad / SanitärBadarmaturenDuscharmaturenKopfbrausen

FUORIMETEO is the first showerhead that merges with the surface in which it is installed, painted with the same finish and color as the ceiling.
Meteo was born in 2011 as an encased item. Simulated rain from the jets, an object without form, a void fro

m which water and light originate. At the ISH fair in Frankfurt FUORIMETEO takes shape and becomes visible. While in the recessed version you can only see the water fall,, in FUORIMETEO the presence of the showerhead even if dicrete is tangible, visible e

ven when not in operation.
The showerhead is the natural extension of a project that has already demonstrated an extraordinary ability to integrate with the architectural environment of the bathroom. Meteo can be integrated in structures, fulfilling it

s duties, FUORIMETEO with equal naturalness, conforms to the technical requirements of installation and space, allowing for free positioning without encasing. Without losing its character but rather reclaiming it, gives rise to a new "family" of functiona

l objects in the shower area. With FUORIMETEO, the concept of the recessed showerhead has been brought to a simple ceiling element without modifying essence itself.
It 'a demonstration of how a form built around a function cam be articulated in a harmo

nious way to change the context, without losing value, how a "silent" design can still communicate in silence.

Länge350 mm
Breite350 mm / 520 mm
Tiefe130 mm
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