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The Intenso hygienic shower comes from the range of hydro brushes proposed by antoniolupi. By rotating the atomized head, a nebulized jet is activated at room temperature with the use of cold water only. An important upgrade, an integration that amplifies the possibilities of cleanliness and hygiene without modifying in any way the essential shapes and characteristics of this object of great technical and formal excellence, a concentration of technology and design enclosed in a minimal footprint.

When not used, Intenso, is a small wall plate in stainless steel, but a small gesture of rotation reveals its true functionality. Its operation is very simple: by turning the plate 90°, water and the window that hides it with its flexible hose opens. Once the shower head has been extracted, simply turn the head to operate the jet, just as it is very easy to stop the water and place the object back in the wall. Turning the plate in fact, closes water and window with a single gesture and the shower disappears "magically" in the wall.

Intenso hygienic shower, is also available in the version with a paper roll holder named Cartaintenso, and it is also available in the external wall version with the name of Girointenso.

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Antonio Lupi, Italien

Gi-Ra Design