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Planeta, the suspended and column wall unit project, was conceived to create innovative and highly versatile wall units for the bathroom. These wall units, designed by Carlo Colombo, have a powerful aesthetic impact and are, at the same time, very practic

al – features often lacking in modern-day bathrooms. The strength of Planeta lies in its versatility and the vast array of elements for true custom designed bathrooms. The units can be used vertically or horizontally, and they come in the wide range of co

lours offered by antoniolupi – 56 opaque or shiny hues, 9 different types of wood and 54 different types of glass.

All of the hanging and column units in the Planeta line are made according to the client’s own design needs and, to make them even mo

re unique, one can create one’s own structure by using differing colours, sizes and depths to create a truly singular and personalised bathroom storage system.

Breite270 mm / 540 mm
Höhe500 mm / 750 mm / 1000 mm / 1250 mm
Tiefe140 mm / 220 mm
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Antonio Lupi, Italien

Carlo Colombo