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Tabula is a new antoniolupi collection of accessories in various shapes and sizes. The accessories can be used individually or paired to create, like a mosaic, personalized, eclectic, fun and geometrical combinations. Organize space with a touch of design. Tabula is eclectic and multifunctional and can be used in other environments such as the desktop, as an empty pocket dish or as a serving dish. Thanks to the Flumood material, by antoniolupi, with which these are made from, Tabula are specially hygienic and easy to clean. The Tabula surfaces, are without seams and irregularities, so don’t retain dirt nor moisture, important characteristics for this type of product. The Tabula line decorates with its mere presence the bathroom area giving a touch of design and minimalist modernity.

Material: Flumood

Sizes: H 1,2 cm, with different shapes
Square: 9x9 cm, 13,5x13,5 cm, 27x27 cm
Rectangular: 27x9 cm, 27x36 cm

Antonio Lupi, Italien

Mario Ferrarini