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No longer two distinct and superposed parts, like Opale collection, but a single Cristalmood block that seamlessly expresses all the elegance of the material and the classic geometry of the sink shapes.

Vitreo is available in 10 colors and it is able to fit different refined styles contexts. It is also providing a sense of brightness to the space thanks to the infinite reflections generated by the dialogue with the architectural elements, surfaces and furnishings that compose it.

A decagonal shape, a characteristic image that does not take out the leading role of water, rather it enhances it because the sight of the primordial element that is collected in the large basin changes the perception of the sink as a whole. Vitreo is a rediscovered gem that embellishes the center of the room. It is the element that attracts the eye and expresses the contemporary approach to the project by antoniolupi.

Antonio Lupi, Italien

Carlo Colombo

Andrea Lupi