Vorgestellt: Salone del Mobile 2016, Mailand
Stylepark-ID: 10.1661.00179
Kategorien: RaumakustikWandpaneele

Already in February 2014 Blå Station introduced our first Sound Absorber/Wall Panel/Wall decoration called Ginkgo, inspired by the Ginkgo trees growing in Japan and constantly changing the mood of the Tokyo city. The new Sound Absorber is called Gaia and for Stone Designs Gaia means nature and represents the footprint of a planet. Gaia is divided into four pieces representing the four basic elements: fire, earth, wind and water. The four elements will combine in millions of different ways, therefor Gaia is cut in four symmetrical pieces to create an infinite range of possible combinations. Its shape also generates the perfect atmosphere, creating the best sound quality as well as a colourful and inspirational ambient.

Gaia is a gesture; it means the beauty of simplicity. As Mother Earth is continuously changing, Gaia will change with you every time you want, just by rotating each piece, creating a totally different effect on the wall. Gaia goes one step further in acoustic isolation solutions, creating a living surface.

Material Wolle

Blå Station, Schweden

Stone Designs


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von Blå Station

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